Main purpose of the reports is to provide a detailed understanding about the subject companies that members are looking for, so as to minimize the transactional and credit risk before any cooperation is concluded.

Credit Report

Credit Report

Credit Report comprises all available data retrieved from official sources as well as anything obtain through an interview with the subject companies, including information on their corporate structure and financial health.

A Credit Report will provide you with a comprehensive overview of a company allowing you to gain a better understanding on its structure and ownership, along with its activities and other commercial information, including import and export activities as well as payment details.

Credit Reports may include the following (subject of availability):

Due Diligence Report

Due Diligence

A fully customized report based on clients’ individual requirements. It can vary from a full financial/credit risk analysis or on a full-scale investigation into the legitimacy of the subject in question or company.

Due Diligence Reports are assessed independently and are highly recommended for complex cases that require specialized investigations to analyze and mitigate risk from a business or an investment decision.

Finally, a due diligence report is considered to be a comprehensive exploration and explanation of the entity of interest, It can help determine a company’s valuation and enable investors, business partners and other stakeholders to make educated decisions regarding the company’s future.

Due Diligence Report may include – but not limited to- the following components (subject of availability):

KYC Report

KYC Report

KYC reports are mostly used for screening purposes when on-boarding a new client but also for the purpose of monitoring the existing ones in order to confirm that the subject entities are not involved in any Money Laundering or other criminal offences.

KYC Report investigates the subject entity against the following Global lists, amongst other categories:

Certificates and Official Documents

Certifications and Official Documents

We obtain company certificates and other official documents issued by the Official Company Registries and respective authorities on a global scale.

This service verifies the authenticity of the related company; implying that it meets all its financial and legal requirements.

Company Certificates, which are sourced from official governmental sources are valid for international use for legal purposes and as such, are a vital part of due diligence, court proceedings and debt collection cases.

Send us your requirements, and we shall assist you in the type of documents required: